What is Vetramil®

Vetramil® is a range of honey based skin and wound care products for all animals. It is a non-antibiotic remedy to treat skin and infected wounds and to minimize the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

Vetramil® is suitable for all animals.

Vetramil® can be used for:

How Vetramil® works?

Honey enzymes
Glucose oxidase enzyme is added to honey by honeybees
The enzyme becomes active in diluted honey
Honey glucose is converted into hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid

Honey sugars
Honeybees collect nectar and nectar is concentrated to honey (80-85% sugar)
The osmotic action of honey sugars is bacteriostatic and in the end bactericidal
At the wound site the sugar attracts wound exudate and creates a healing moist environment

Why Vetramil® is needed?

Antimicrobial resistance is a serious threat for health of people and animals

Honey has become a serious alternative aid in treatment:

About Vetramil®

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the biggest threats for public health regarding to major health organizations like WHO and CDC. Alternative options for use of antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs are urgently needed to avoid a horrifying situation: when antibiotics fail to work, many diseases considered as problems of the past may rise again. That can lead to persistent infections and even deaths of both people and animals. These infections may spread between people and animals, and from person to person. Many factors contribute to the emerge of antimicrobial resistance but wide and often unnecessary use of antimicrobial drugs in medicine and agriculture are considered as the most important factors.

Vetramil® is a honey based skin and wound care product range for all animals. It is an effective and natural way to provide supportive care without antimicrobial drugs. The use of Vetramil® honey products can decrease the use of antibiotics in animals. It has efficient antimicrobial effects due to its high glucose oxidase enzyme content, sugars that create an osmotic pressure and formation of a low PH at the wound site.

Vetramil® product range includes several honey based formulations that are optimized for the easy and convenient use for the animal owners and caretakers. The easy-of-use of the products ensures the optimal efficacy and promotes the healing.

Vetramil® honey range is well studied and the outstanding experience from clinical use in several European countries has encouraged the developing and manufacturing company to seek additional international markets for Vetramil® range. Bfactory International is currently looking for distribution partners for Vetramil® range in USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia and Pacific region.

Vetramil® history

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